The haunted lanes of Kuldhara

The vast deserts of Thar are full of stories. Stories of valor, hard work, irreplicable courage and unmatched sacrifices. But along with the folklores of great proud men and women, there are a few mystries that have remained unsolved over time. Stories that are percieved as haunted by common people. 

One such tale is of the ancient town of Kuldhara. 

Kuldhara is a clutter of abandoned villages 30 kms south to Jaisalmer. It beholds a thousand odd houses, a few temples, a small fortress, a lake, a seasonal river that flows throught it. Despite the sorry state of houses and other buildings in Kuldhara, the magnificient architechture of those times on yellow sandstone is still evident. Once on the terrace of village headman’s house, one can easily makeout the neatly laid houses, lanes and vastness of the village. 

But today, sadly, all of it is in shambles. In a glimpse, Kuldhara is a devastated ruin that lies beneath the scorching sun. But what led to the extinction of a town that was once bustling with culture and activities? Where are the people who made and inhabited this great town vanished? 
A popular folklore tries to answer these questions. It is said that Kuldhara was once a large town with many nearby villages dependent on it. It was headed by village chieftain who was a ‘Paliwal Brahmin’. It is said that about 200 years ago, the evil diwan of Jaisalmer state, Diwan Singh, set his eyes on the chieftain’s daughter. Diwan Singh warned him of a massacre if he refuses to lend the hand of his daughter in marriage. Fearing of the worst possible outcomes, the entire populace of Kuldhara is said to have migrated to distant lands overnight. Leaving behind no jewels, no belongings, but only empty homes and a curse- that whosoever tries to inhabit their ancestral village would die! Since then, no indivisual spends a night in Kuldhara fearing wrath of the curse. Locals who have tried to do so have heard horrible noises, disturbances and unusual negetivity around. 

A team of Paranormal Society of Delhi visited Kuldhara and are said to have experienced unsual activities. Diluting shadows, distorted voices and sudden temperature drops were some of the many irregularities that the team experienced. One of the team-member said he felt a touch on back of his shoulder only to turn back and find no one! It could seem like the script of a bollywood drama but the Paranormal Society of Delhi really had a terrible night at Kuldhara. 

In mornings, Kuldhara is just another tourist spot, managed by the Archaeological Survey of India. The government of Rajasthan is planning to convert Kuldhara into a full fledged tourist spot with all facilities for tourists. Although, even the gaurds at the village gates warn against staying in night. 

HOW TO REACH : Kuldhara can be reached by road from Jaisalmer-Sam road by driving 20 kms on the main road and then taking a right to rugged village road leading straight to Kuldhara. Many taxi options are available from Jaisalmer. 

EXPLORE : Kuldhara is near to the popular desert circuit of Jaislmer and one can visit nearby Sam sand-dunes for great desert experience and parasailing. The heritage city of Jaisalmer is also worth a one time visit (atleast). 

The local kids at Kuldhara will narrate you the whole story of Kuldhara in 10-20 rupees and the narration style will surely give you a chill off your spine!